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Each Unite Community branch has a high level of autonomy on the activities that they undertake.  The main role of Unite Community regionally and nationally is to support and facilitate these activities.  An important focus for Unite Community, both locally and nationally, is to campaign on issues that affect those who do not have a voice or meaningful representation (ie the unemployed, the sick and disabled, those on zero hours contracts).

Important successes for Unite Community in our region has been actions against the exploitation of workers at Sports Direct (resulting in £1 Million compensation for workers, a select committee enquiry, investigations into the abuse of zero hours contracts and agency contracts).


See here for the video.

Our Region has also been very active in supporting the national campaign against benefit sanctions with a range of innovative campaign actions – including staging a UN inspection of a Job Centre and the response.

Unite Community is sponsored by the Industrial Sections of Unite The Union which means that it is possible to keep subscriptions down to only 50p/wk.  Membership gives access to a range of training events as well as other membership benefits.  However, most people get involved with  Unite Community because they want to make a difference in their community.  You can become a member online or email the Secretary to ask for a membership form.

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