Solidarity with other Campaign groups

We frequently support the campaigning of other groups who are aligned with our mission  to increase fairness, justice and respect.



Participation in the annual day of action against benefit sanctions sponsored by Unite the Union and Unite Community.




Supporting the NUT in their picket of the consultation on the proposals for turning Longdendale High School into an Academy.

(One of the wettest nights of the year with flooding nearly preventing us all from getting home) 




Supporting the High Peak Labour Party Constituency in their campaign against the proposal to intoduce more grammar schools.





Inviting the Fire Brigade Union to give  a public talk on the consultation review that is threatening cuts to staffing at Glossop Fire Station.  Followed by coordinated street leafletting in Glossop on the 4th February.




Supporting the formation of a High Peak People’s Assembly to provide a network of progressive groups within the High Peak.  The High Peak People’s Assembly were also involved in working with  us on action with the Fire Brigade Union and with the developments following the showing of I Daniel Blake.  It is hoped that our two groups will also be able to work together to organise a People’s Festival in Glossop over the summer.

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